Teacher Website

My Home Page (Make this a link to your home page.)

Next follow the directions below to add a menu for the sub-pages you create.

Click in this space and Choose "Insert" from the Edit Menu and "Subpage Listing."  Change the Subpage Listing text to your name.  Choose your home page under Choose page (You have to create your home page first before you do this.)  Choose to display one level with a width of 150 and the left style of listing with the little banner at the top.  Be sure to delete these instructions on your pages!

Put your content here and change the light orange title of your page and the dark orange title (they can be the same).  The light orange one will be visible to the public, the other will be the internal name of the page.  One page will be called Teacher (put your name here instead of "Teacher") Website.  This will be your home page.  Create this first.

The other new pages may have titles such as "Homework Assignments" or "Photos from our Class" or "Special Class Links."  Make sure you add them as sub-pages under your home page  so they "belong" to you.