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Social Studies

United States History A / B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grade 9, required) 

This course is a survey of US History from Reconstruction to the present. Its units of study include: Slavery-past and present; Industrialization, Big Business and Labor; Expansion, Building an Empire; Interventionism vs. Isolationism; Crisis and Politics; The Cold War; and Movements and Modern Day Struggles. Exploring natural rights and constitutional principles, students will assess past policy decisions and periods of social and political upheaval. Utilizing current events, primary sources, and historical non-fiction as a focal point, this course will refine critical thinking skills necessary for active citizenship. 

Civics (1 trimester, .5 credit, grade 10, required) 

This one trimester course is designed to strengthen students’ knowledge of national, state, and local government in America. Students review philosophical foundations, structure, and functions of democratic government in the United States. They broaden their knowledge in legal rights, civic responsibility, political behavior, and practice making reasoned decisions about public policy. 

Economics (1 trimester, .5 credit, grade 10. required) 

This course is designed to be a basic introduction to the concepts and theories behind how individuals, groups, and nations use and dispose of their resources. It will involve analyzing the decisions people and societies make with their money (and other scarce resources) to design a budget. We will look at the building blocks of an economy along with various economic systems. The material will be presented in a variety of projects, simulations, and traditional forms. This is not specifically geared toward macro or micro-economics. Instead, it will be an overview of economics in the individual home and on a national level. 

World History/Geography A / B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grade 11, required) 

This course is a survey of world history that will help illustrate the differences and similarities of cultures throughout the world and throughout history. By exploring the past, students will be encouraged to explore its relevancy to the present. The course will cover the way man has lived, thought, believed, and expressed himself. The class uses essay, reading books (fiction, non-fiction), written reports, oral reports, and class discussions as a means of assessing student outcomes. 

College Readiness (1 trimester, .5 credit, grade 11, required) 

Math/Language ACT Prep—This class is designed to make students aware of, and comfortable with, the features and format of the ACT college entrance exam. Students will learn test taking strategies and time management skills. All students will take the equivalent of at least four full length sample ACT exams during the course of this class and record their progress. They will review all of the math formulas, English grammar rules, scientific methods and models, and reading comprehension strategies using past ACT exams as practice. Students will be graded on attendance, participation, and completion of exams and some practice material. 

Psychology (1 trimester, .5 credit, grades 11-12) 

Psychology is the scientific study of the behavior of humans and other animals. Psychological facts and principals such as states of consciousness, memory, intelligence, development, sensory perception, and the study of personality and emotional behavior will be explored. The study of abnormal psychology and various psychological disorders will also be examined and students will study social behavior and the influences of various groups on an individual's decision making ability. 

Current Events (1 trimester, .5 credit, grades 11-12), or grade 10 with teacher recommendation 

Prerequisite: Civics/Economics 

Global Issues is a course designed to challenge students to view global issues/challenges from an informed and insightful perspective. Students will analyze a variety of modern issues in the global community, as well as gain historical perspective, from world history components designed to coincide with issues discussed in class. Global Issues covers areas of study ranging from global warming and other threats to the environment, to in depth analyses of modern conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Students are also engaged in trimester studies of particular nations, with presentations dealing with unique topics of international significance, and current event discussions and analyses.