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Physical Education

Required Physical Education (1 trimesters, .5 credit, grades 9-12, required) 

The main focus in these courses is fitness for life. The Women’s Resource Center presents Just the Facts as a part of our integrated health program and the students will view a variety of DVD’s on such subjects as date violence, smoking, alcohol use, and bullying. Northern Michigan Hospital gives each student a health assessment including height, weight, body fat, flexibility, and strength. Journals/calendars will be kept to record the student’s daily activities. Extensive weight room programs are provided and the student will have exposure to ply metrics, Bosu balls, stability balls and dance. 

Cross Training / Sport Specific Training (1 trimester, .5 credit) 

Prerequisite: Required Physical Education 

Leadership skills will be stressed. This course will focus on Plyometric training, weight room, agility, and cross training for the athlete involved in sports throughout the year. Each student will receive an individualized weight-training program. Students will work on jumping skills, form running, bounding, boxes, and explosive reaction drills to improve their overall athletic skills. The students are expected to use their time wisely, participate in all activities, and demonstrate their willingness to become athletic leaders. Students are encouraged to participate in any activity that enhances their possibility of reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Health (1 trimester, .5 credit, grades 9-12, required) 

Students will gain a greater understanding of the importance of their behavior and choices in relation to their health. Topics covered will include: neurobiology (the how and why we learn); nutrition; physical activity; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD); safety: sexual health; social, emotional, mental health; and, personal health and wellness. The driving focus of the class will be to turn the responsibility of a student’s health over to the student. *Parents may opt their student out of the sexuality unit. Please see your health teacher’s syllabus regarding the opt-out notification process. *This course can replace Required Physical Education A, meeting the State of Michigan’s required health credit.