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Resource Room/Learning Center—(credit by IEP only) 

This is a special education classroom for students identified as educationally handicapped. The students must be referred, evaluated through a multidisciplinary evaluation team, and placed in the program through an individualized educational planning committee. All special education placements are by IEP request only. 


Offered cooperatively with and taken at Petoskey High School

See Mrs. Richardson for more information if you wish to take one of these vocational classes. 

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE I—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grades 11-12) 

AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE II—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grade 12) 

COMMERCIAL FOODS I—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grades 11-12) 

COMMERCIAL FOODS II—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grade 12) 

HEALTH OCCUPATIONS I—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grades 11-12) 

HEALTH OCCUPATIONS II—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grade 12) 

BUILDING TRADES I—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grades 11-12) 

BUILDING TRADES II—(2 periods/day, 3 tri, 2 cr, grade 12) 

CONCURRENT COURSES through North Central MI College– (1 tri (m/w/f), .5 credit) 

Honors Seminar

This class/seminar is based on Apple’s Challenge Based Learning curriculum centered on collaborative learning and discovery where the students lead the problem solving. This seminar will address a critical, difficult, issue facing our community and find solutions which will be communicated and presented to public officials. The students effort is to research the problem, conduct interviews with people involved, formulate ideas and possible solutions, test their concepts, and then publish and present their findings to the public. The seminar is a team project with individual reflection and evaluation. This course is taught by Superintendent, Mark Tompkins, and will meet in the large group room in his office. 

SOC 171– Introduction to Sociology

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of society, examining modern Western societies in terms of social processes, organizations, institutions and problems. Topics covered include: the sociological perspective, socialization and culture, social networks, group dynamics, social deviance, social stratification, sex and gender inequality, race and age inequality and collective behavior. 

COM 111– Speech 

A course in the basic principles of extemporaneous public speaking emphasizing the essential elements of researching and organizing material, analysis of argument and effective delivery. 

GEO 121– World Geography

A study of the primary cultural regions of the world focusing on such physical factors as topography, climate and vegetation in combination with the human activities of each region. Cultural activities are related to the basic physical environment. 

This is a 4 credit course and will meet 4 days on specified weeks. 

CAP 140 Intro to Adobe Photoshop 

An introduction to computer graphics as an image making process for the manipulation of scanned (found) images. After a basic orientation to computer processing, Adobe Photoshop will be used for the development of images as formal fine art, illustration and as a visual communication tool. 

CAP 145– Intro to Adobe Illustrator

An introduction to computer graphics through the creation and manipulation of vector (non-photographic) images. Adobe Illustrator will be used as the medium to allow students to import or create graphic images such as logos, artwork and advertisements. Students will learn how to incorporate rendered and imported images into finished work for presentation.


CAP 160– Intro to Digital Audio and Video

Introduces students to the essentials of editing video and audio with computers. Concepts are taught that may be applied to radio, PODcasting, TV/video production, VOD casting, multimedia authoring, and/or Internet video streaming. Current hardware requirements/limitations and future technology developments will also be discussed. Demonstrated knowledge of basic computer skills is recommended to be successful in this course.