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AP English

English 9 (grade 9, required)

English 9 is a survey course in basic skills, i.e., reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking. The required course includes units on grammar, literature, usage, journals and personal narratives, autobiographies, as well as emphasis on process writing and cross-text reading strategies -- both independently and as a class. Students will be given the basics of standard English language, reading and writing strategies, and comprehension skills. Speech communication skills will be integrated throughout the course.

English 10 (grade 10, required)

Prerequisite: English 9
Speech communication is an integral part of English 10. This sophomore class will integrate the best of world literature with speech components, while supporting student growth in process writing skills and reading comprehension. Students will learn critical thinking skills and demonstrate higher level learning. Selections will include drama, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Students will also learn to analyze literature and write expository essays. The course is designed to improve oral and written communication.

English Literature (grades 11-12)

Prerequisite: English 10
Major units of study include classic works from the Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, and Renaissance periods, along with Romantic and Victorian poetry and contemporary writings. This course emphasizes reading, writing, and organizational skills geared toward the college-bound student. Evaluation is based equally upon objective and essay exams, an interpretive project and a notebook of student assignments each card marking.

American Literature (grades 11-12)

Prerequisite: English 10
Major units of study include classic as well as contemporary works by American authors which trace our country's beginning, progress through the Puritanical and Depression eras and recreate the fifties and sixties as well. This course emphasizes reading and analytical writing, along with vocabulary improvement. Evaluation is based on a portfolio of student works including essays, interpretive and creative pieces, and language development.

College/ AP English (grade 12)

Prerequisite: American or English Literature
College/AP English prepares seniors for the reading, writing, and research requirements of college. Students will write a variety of subjective and objective essays. They will learn and practice techniques for writing essay exams. Concurrently, the seniors will read and review classics to prepare them for the reading required in college English courses. Culmination of this course will center on two research papers through which the students will learn the two major documentation systems used at universities today.

Students will be provided an Advanced Placement (AP) option in College English. They will be prepared to take the AP writing test.

Applied Communications (grades 11-12)

Prerequisite: English 10
Applied Communications will focus on technical writing which prepares students for the world of work. Students will learn to report news, make reports and presentations, develop newsletters, memos, advertising, and other technical writing. This course will use as resources: newspapers, Internet, sets of instructions, current trade journals, and government publications. Students will learn: interpersonal skills, teamwork, goal setting, motivation, organizational effectiveness, and leadership.