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Foreign Language

Spanish I A & Spanish I B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grades 9-12) 

Students will gain a basic understanding of the Spanish language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. With an emphasis placed on verbal skills, students will learn to communicate in a variety of situations. Additionally, this course will provide an understanding of the geography, culture, and customs of Spanish-speaking people. 

Spanish II A & Spanish II B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grades 10-12) 

Prerequisite: Spanish I A/B 

In Spanish II, students will build upon the skills acquired in Spanish I. Students will continue to learn new vocabulary while refining listening and speaking skills. Various grammar structures and verb tenses will be introduced. The history, art, and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries will continue to be a focus. 

Spanish III A & Spanish III B 2 trimesters, 1 credit, grades 11-12) 

Prerequisite: Spanish II A/B 

Spanish III will continue to focus on refining and improving the four main components of language study: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will continue to learn new vocabulary and grammar structures as well as review the major concepts from Spanish II. Students will be introduced to Spanish literature through the use of poems, short stories, and plays. 

Spanish IV A & Spanish IV B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grades 12, occasionally offered) 

Prerequisite: Spanish III A/B 

Spanish IV offers students the opportunity to continue their study of Spanish grammar and literature. Students will review all major tenses with an emphasis on the subjunctive tense. Students will continue to be exposed to Spanish culture through the study of art, music, and architecture. 

French IV A and French IV B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grade 12) Prerequisite: French III A/B 

French IV is an advanced level language class designed to synthesize the skills learned in previous levels. Throughout this course, students will practice extensive reading, writing, listening.