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Business Technology A & Business Technology B (2 trimesters, 1 credit, grade 9, required) 

This course prepares individuals for success in emerging and traditional occupations within business and computer technology. Areas of instruction include customer service, operating systems, computer applications, minor troubleshooting skills, communications, presentation skills, human relations, job application and interview, global economy, and additional skills needed by successful business professionals. Word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation software are mastered in addition to Internet research, proofreading, composition, and communication competencies. 

*NEW* Computer Studies - (1 Trimester, .5 credit) 

Prerequisite: BST A/B Computer Studies includes an introduction to HTML5, Xcode, CSS, and JavaScript web based programming. Students will write code to create their own websites and develop apps for mobile and desktop environments. Stand alone modules may include basic hardware (computer components), networking, Arduino programming, robotics, and computer programming in a high level language (e.g. C or C++). This is a project based class requiring individual student motivation. This course may be taken more than one trimester. 

Microsoft Office (1 trimesters, .5 credit, grades 10-12) 

Microsoft Office is designed to provide students with the advanced technical and presentation skills required of management support personnel in today’s business/office environment. To be successful and productive, employees in today’s business world must not only possess advanced level technical/applications skills, they must also be capable of the higher level thinking skills required in the design and creation of documents and procedures. Students will also use technology to explore important issues related to globalization and its impact on the American worker. 

Intro to Business (1 trimester, .5 credit, grades 10-12) 

Prerequisite: BST A/B 

Surveys the field of business; builds a vocabulary of business terms; offers insight into the managerial decision making process; provides a background for further business study; informs students about careers in business, entrepreneurship, and other organizations.