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Property Disposition

Items that Harbor Springs Public Schools are no longer using will be sold via auction at the online website at Public SurplusThe general public is welcome to bid on any items up for auction. 

Bidding Process

1. Create an account at Public Surplus at this link: Register a Buyer Account at Public Surplus.
2. Follow any current auctions for Harbor Springs Public Schools here: Active HSPS Auctions.
3. Log into the site and bid on any items that you are interested in.
4. If you win an item, follow the instructions to set up a pickup time at the Harbor Springs Public Schools.

All bids/auctions are final and all monetary handling is processed by Public Surplus

Auction Start Date:

May 16, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions - Computers and Technology

Q. Can I get a chance to test the equipment before bidding on it?
A. Unfortunately, no. Our IT department is not set up to allow potential bidders to "test drive" the equipment before bidding on it. We will try to describe the equipment as accurately as we can, and add pictures when possible.

Q. I want to pay by cash or check. Is that possible?
A. Public Surplus will only accept payment via credit card or wire transfer. Harbor Springs Schools does not have any mechanism on site to handle payment.

Q. Will the computers have any software pre-loaded on them?
A. In general, the computers will either have no operating system, or an operating system as installed from the factory. The users will be responsible for any software that they wish to add.

Q. I am interesting in bidding on an item, but need it shipped to me. Can that be arranged?
A. The Harbor Springs Public Schools will not ship any items. The winning bidders will be responsible for arranging a time that they can come onto the campus and pick up their items. This will be during normal business hours (M-F, 8 to 5).

Q. What is a bid deposit?
A. A bid deposit is usually required if the item being bid on costs more than $500.

Q. I have some specific questions on the bid process - where do I go to find answers to that?
A. Public Surplus's website has an extensive help feature to help any potential bidders. 

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Q. Can I bid on more than one item?
A. Yes, you can bid on more than one item.

Q. I won an item for X, but Public Surplus is billing me for more than that?
A. Winning auctions will also include a small service fee to Public Surplus, and may also include sales tax.