User Group Policies

User Group Usage Policies & Rules

General Rules
  1. Glass and ceramic containers are not permitted on deck or in locker rooms.
  2. No gum, food, or drinks (except water) will be permitted on deck or in the locker rooms.  All food is to be consumed in the hallway. Shower thoroughly, including hair, before swimming.
  3. NO SHOES on the pool deck.
  4. Please refrain from throwing items.
  5. No screaming, cursing, or rough-housing anywhere on site.
  6. Do not throw, stand on or sit on kick boards.
  7. Do not hang on lane lines.  Lane lines may snap.  
  8. Equipment damaged by improper use or gross negligence will result in a repair/replacement charge to the responsible user group.
  9. User group members are to remain on the pool deck until a lifeguard/coach are present.
  10. User group members must pay to use the facility during any time other than their specified rental time.
  11. The diving board is off limits unless the dive team is practicing with coach supervision.
  12. Divers may practice only when there is direct coach supervision.  Every effort must be made to keep the swimmers and the divers from colliding.
  13. The Harbor Springs community pool requires that user groups are responsible for putting in and taking out as well as the storage of lane lines, on the caddy, prior to and following practices.  Lane lines should be stored neatly.
  14. Only employees of the Harbor Springs community pool are permitted in the pool office, except during swim meets.
  15. Only blue painter’s tape or poster putty may be used to hang items temporarily in the pool area.


Locker Rooms

  1. Clean up after yourself.
  2. Turn off all showers after use.
  3. Avoid the dumping of body powder on locker room floors.
  4. All personal items must be stored in lockers. Swimsuits may be hung on the outside of lockers.
  5. Coaches and/or user group representatives are responsible for the cleanliness of locker rooms, pool deck, and bleacher area after use by their group.



  1. Swim Team user groups must have an approved coach before practices can be held.  A team will not be permitted to practice without an approved coach on the pool deck.
  2. Coaches will act in loco parentis regarding medical decisions for their swimmers.
  3. A coach must be present before any swimmers may enter the water.
  4. Coaches are responsible for the supervision and cleanliness of locker rooms and pool area.
  5. Coaches must use a locker in the locker room. The coach’s locker room is intended for Harbor Springs school employees and is not to be used by swim coaches.
  6. Coaches are reminded that the responsibility for the supervision of their swimmers is the same at a meets as at a practice.
  7. Coaches and at least one official must be on deck during the entire warm-up period before a meet.




The pool director reserves the right to change policies at any time deemed necessary.