Schools of Choice

The Harbor Springs Board of Education, in conjunction with the other school districts within the Char-Em Intermediate School District Region, have adopted a reciprocal agreement which permits families to send their children to schools other than the school district of their residency. Below is the appropriate document to complete should a family wish to attend Harbor Springs Public Schools.

2018-19 Schools of Choice Form

HSPS is still accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year as follows: 
Application deadline:  July 31, 2018

 # of Openings   Grade Level
 5 Grade  1
 5 Grade  3
 2  Grade  7     


  • During the spring, parents are notified that applications for Open Enrollment consideration will be accepted until July 1st.
  • June 15th is the last date for local Superintendent to determine openings and notify locals and Intermediate School District (ISD).
  • ISD publishes openings for all districts immediately after June 15th.
  • Local schools will use the adopted common application form.
  • Local schools accept applications for Open Enrollment Drawing until July 1st.  Applications for the Random Draw close on July 1st.
  • Local schools may accept applications for Open Enrollment after July 1st but these are to be placed on waiting list in order they are received.  These late applications may be considered only after all applications received prior to July 1st are assigned.
  • Prior to July 6th, each local school conducts a drawing with applications received for grades/programs with more applicants than openings.  The draw is continued until all names are drawn with the excess applicants going on a waiting list in the order they are drawn.
  • Immediately after the drawing, parents are notified by local school that they may enroll their student(s).  Parents will not be allowed to enroll their students after September 15th.
  • If parents fail to enroll or if openings occur subsequent to the draw, schools will go to the waiting list and notify parents in the order they appear on the list that they are eligible to enroll their student(s).  The September 15th deadline will still apply for accepting enrollments.
  • Students who are not enrolled by September 15th must wait until the second semester application/enrollment window.  In special circumstances an enrolling district may receive a waiver of release from the resident district subsequent to the September 15th deadline.
  • A similar application/enrollment process will be held during the second semester.
  • Second semester enrollment applications will be accepted until December 15th.
  • Local school may enroll students through the end of the first Wednesday in February.

Please complete the document and submit it to the superintendent's office. Please contact a principal or the superintendent should you have any questions regarding the Schools of Choice process.


Blackbird Elementary (Grades K-2) Nathan Fairbanks 526-4600
Shay Elementary (Grades 3-5) Nathan Fairbanks 526-4500
Middle School (Grades 6-8) Brad Plackemeier 526-4700
High School (Grades 9-12) Susan Jacobs 526-4800
Interim Superintendent Susan Jacobs 526-4545
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